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This cookbook brings a unique perspective to East African and Swahili cooking. It is a colorful, well arranged book that combines a simple step by step method for arriving at delicious dishes of the East African region. This book is by far the most comprehensive compilation of Swahili recipes presented in a contemporary appealing format.

This one of a kind and interesting book compiles and explains the cuisine of the well-known Swahili culture, which spans over six Africans countries including Tanzania, Kenya, Congo, Rwanda, Swahili and Burundi. A fascinating thing this book does is to explore the interconnectedness of humanity through food. Arab and Indian influences on Swahili cuisine are mentioned and thus enriching our knowledge as well raising new questions that beg for further academic inquiries.

Thus many people around the world think Swahili is a Language, this book would allow people to see that Swahili is also a culture of delicious and simple recipes that calls for fresh ingredients.

The recipes inside calls for freshest ingredients thus suit every person regardless religion, age vegetarian, people who choose to eat organic food.
a.     Organic food lovers can have a choice of buying their ingredients from organic food stores
b.     Vegetarians will find this book useful in expanding the choice of food we eat; lot of vegetarian recipes.
c.     Sweets and snacks for the little ones to enjoy.
d.     Muslims will enjoy the book, they do not have to worry about Halal ingredients since all recipes call for fresh ingredients, and thus they have a choice on where to buy their ingredients. There is only one recipes call for pork; which can be skipped.

In a few months, this book will be available at your favorite bookstores in Tanzania, Europe and other countries. Visit TasteofTanzania.com for a follow up.

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