Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Nabila Nanfunka (centre) with friends

A young and promising Northampton University student, Nabila Nanfunka, was trampled to death as club goers stampeded for the doors to exit a nightclub on Tuesday night.

The event, Wickedest Skank, was organised as a university coach rave and held at Lava and Ignite nightclub in Northampton. Students from universities all over England, including Luton, Hertfordshire, Leicester, Kent, Coventry, Birmingham, Manchester and Northampton attended the sold out event.

Reports suggest that tensions began to rise at the end of the rave as club goers tried to leave the venue which had exceeded maximum capacity. Fights began to break out causing crowds to rush out of Lava and Ignite leading to a stampede.

Club security tried their best to deal with the situation by diverting some of the crowd through a back entrance but nothing could be done to control the overwhelming clamour which ensued.

Nabila, a well known and loved third year student of Northampton University, was not as lucky as others and fell to the floor where she was trampled to death. Eye witnesses say four paramedics carried her body into an ambulance. Some reports say she was not breathing at the time. It was later announced to friends by her boyfriend, Emmanuel Sanni, that Nabila had been pronounced dead.

Another girl is said to be in a critical condition after suffering the same injuries whilst many others were hospitalised or left seriously injured. There have also been claims, as yet unverified, of alleged stabbings also taking place.

Our hearts go out to the friends and family of all those involved.

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