Thursday, February 17, 2011


At least 32 people have been killed in multiple explosions after an accident at a munitions dump in Tanzania's commercial capital, Dar es Salaam, officials say.

The blasts lasted several hours at the Gongola Mboto military base.

The city's airport was reported to have been closed after the blasts, the British Foreign Office said.

Residents were encouraged to stay inside their homes and away from windows after the explosions.

Debris was hurled across the city and chief of staff Gen Abdurahman Shimbo said 32 people had died.

Earlier Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda said 17 bodies had been recovered.

Mr Pinda said the explosions had started in one depot before spreading to others in the camp.

By Thursday morning, 23 depots had been destroyed, along with two residential houses and a secondary school.

Mr Pinda told the National Assembly that at least 4,000 people were sheltering at the National Stadium, and warned the death toll could increase.


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